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As available in all accounts or history of people that have no written records, efforts to secure facts of such people need recourse to their customary narratives and legends. These accounts must be retrieved through narratives by individuals considered to have clue knowledge of the past.
Right from ancient of days, the belief in tribal, cultural, institutional allegiance and all pervading feeling of brotherhood is dominant in human affairs. The feeling originates communal allegiance which breeds collective cultural identity that point to unity and development  endeavors as economics, politics, religion that sustains their determination to meaningful existence.
Globally, all communal setting are found on various conditions or modalities. Some communities originate from efforts of a people of the common ancestors. Others originate from efforts of various people from distant places migrating to co-inhabit together as a common community. This is the position of Ibele autonomous community in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.